Weekly or One-Time Services

Quality pool cleaning service in Kailua, HI and surrounding areas

Keeping your pool clean and healthy enough to swim in is no easy task, we get it. It requires a lot of time, effort, and skill. But, hey, it's exactly what we do at Pool Service Of The Pacific Windward — and we're pretty darn proud of it, too. So let us take all the effort of swimming pool maintenance and repairs off of your shoulders. Our quality pool cleaning service is the best in the Kailua, HI area. No more worrying about how the pool is from now on; just dive on in.  

Mobile servicing

Regular pool cleaning service includes brushing down areas of potential algae growth, vacuuming pool, backwashing sand/DE filter or hosing cartridge filter, testing water, adding chemicals, checking pump, filter and chlorinator and emptying pump and skimmer baskets. All of these services, done by our team of experts in Kailua, lead to the pool of your dreams.

One-Time Cleaning

Pool Service of the Pacific Windward based in Kailua offers one-time clean ups. No matter what condition your pool is in, we can help. If your pool is completely green or just has cloudy water or a strong chlorine smell with water that irritates your eyes, we can fix the problem. From a simple pool cleaning service to major pool water treatments, we will get it done and we will do it right.

Water testing

With our comprehensive weekly service you can rest assured your pool is in good hands. We cover all the necessary tasks to keep your pool in pristine condition. If you are a new client, we will first perform a detailed analysis of the pool water. These tests must be performed to check for balanced water to make sure the water is not scaling or corrosive to the pool surfaces and equipment. Our experts utilize the latest technology to get accurate readings of the levels in your pool water and explain precisely what your pool needs to stay crystal clear, fresh, and healthy. Our tests include:
Total water hardness / Total and free chlorine / Total dissolved solids / Alkalinity / pH balance / Water temperature

Weekly maintenance service

Our weekly maintenance service includes but is not limited to: cleaning water line tile, skimming surface of water, vacuuming pool/spa, t esting water for free chlorine, pH, and alkalinity, a dding the necessary chemicals to assure that the water is balanced, safe and pleasant for bathers, b rushing pool/spa, e mptying all baskets, c heck all equipment for leaks and proper operation, c leaning filters as needed.



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